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Cyber security

Cyber security is the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks.

  • Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security
  • Network Security/Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT (Internet of Things) security

It is a mistake to believe that you are of no interest to cyber attackers. Everyone who is connected to the Internet needs cyber security. This is because most cyber attacks are automated and aim to exploit common vulnerabilities rather than specific websites or organisations.



Malware is a broad term used to describe any file or program intended to harm or disrupt a computer. This includes:

  • Spyware
  • Ransomware Attack
  • Viruses and Worms
  • Botnet Software

Botnets are large networks of compromised computers, whose processing power is used without the user’s knowledge to carry out criminal activity. This can include distributing spam or phishing emails or carrying out DDoS attacks.


Cryptocurrency Recovery

The Cryptocurrency recovery project is a shared intelligence and asset tracing service dedicated to victims of cybercrimes and companies related to asset recovery. We connect the victims of cybercrimes with our professional experts that are willing to help recover the stolen cryptocurrency. Belingorecoup Professionals assist the victims in the process of the recovery of lost assets with the use of our superior asset tracing and recovery technology.

  • Stolen Cryptocurrency recovery
  • Lost Wallet Recovery
  • Trace Address location
  • Examine Scam Broker Data 

However, we can guarantee that our professionals will conduct an end-to-end investigation and asset recovery of any particular case. The reported stolen funds will be traced via our algorithms. Belingorecoup may add the reported fraudulent addresses to its database. Once we flag the addresses in our database, it will be visible to our clients and partners.


Smart-Phone Accessing

Cellphone Accessing is on a high demand worldwide. Parents are eager to know what their kids does on their various phones, Boyfriends/Girlfriends/husband/wife always want to know what their various partners does on each of their phone, if not for anything but to be on a saver side and to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

Our professionals are always ready to get you access to the day-to-day activities of any target not withstanding the location of the target.

  • Smart-Phone Spy
  • Social-Media account Spy
  • Narcissistic Victim Help
  • Computer Hack

Phone hacking can happen to all kinds of phones, including Androids and iPhones. Since anyone can be vulnerable to phone hacking.


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