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A fair pricing model

It’s not an optical illusion. It’s a one-time payment for ultimate flexibility.



*starting price*



*starting price*

Misc. Hacking


*starting price*


We love a good deal but don’t want to be strict about the prices. Negotiation is always allowed, and we are flexible with the price depending on the services.


Our price hasn’t changed since, well, never! We’re still offering hacking services at the same rate as when we launched in 2003. Call us unconventional. Call us blind to inflation. We call it a pretty good deal.


We’re always aiming to improve our service. We can invest in quality customer support and hacking services with a sustainable payment model. Most of our profit goes to enhancing the customer experience.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At belingorecoup, we accept a wide range of international currencies for your convenience, including:

  • US dollar
  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Canadian dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • Singapore dollar
  • Korean won
  • Mexican peso
  • Indian rupee
  • Russian ruble
  • Japanese yen
  • Chinese yuan

We pride ourselves on timely payments, so you can rest assured that all transactions will be processed without delay. Additionally, there is no need to worry about monthly payments as we have a one-time payment system in place.

Can I really pay with cash?

No, we do not accept cash our accepted means of payment is USDC due to privacy reasons. You can pay using your credit card or bank and wait for confirmation without any hassle 1 USDC is always same as 1 dollar.

Do you offer any type of discount?

Yes. Our accepted cryptocurrencies are discounted at 10% due to lower fees and less administration. You can buy cryptocurrency using and

I can’t find your contact page. Where is it?

Start with one click to message us. You’ll immediately get assigned to a hacker and be able to choose a service option.

How many devices can I use an account on?

You can use a belingorecoup order ID on up to 10 devices.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We hope you’ll give our in-house Support Team ( a chance to solve any problems you encounter.

Why no free plan?

“Free” services nearly always come at some cost, whether that be the time we spend our resources, the amount of time or by affecting hacking service completions of paid clients. We don’t operate that way – at all.

About Us

Combining Amazing Tools with Great Minds

We work as a team, every expert with his/her specializations. Everyone plays their role individually so optimal solution are gotten from a generic approach. All these and many more standard pratices enanble us to deliver optimal solutions to our clients.

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    With access to a whole knowledge base and access to trends and innovations ensuring successful result no matter the difficulty.

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    Precision of Services

    We are looking at a group of professional team that is vast in several aspect, coming together to make things happen, not some trial by error situation.

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    Privacy Protection

    Your privacy is a top priority to our experts, so we do our very best to protect necessary information skillfully, That is; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


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We Are Trusted By Many Because:

  • Guaranteed
  • Advanced Tools
  • Encrypted Server
  • Effective
  • Fast Service
  • Privacy
  • Reliable
  • Tested & Trusted
  • No Scam Zone
  • Refund Policy
  • Honesty
  • Good Customer Services
  • High Standard
  • 24/7 Security Support